Although your triceps probably get a workout in most of the exercises you do, it is important to make sure that you make a conscious effort to include those upper muscles on the back of your arm in your exercise regimen. Most people think that they need to bulk up their biceps to make their arms look muscular and impressive, but you triceps are what takes up ? of you upper arm. Whether you are working your triceps to increase their size or just keep them in fit order, focusing on them regularly is important. Keeping them in shape reduces your chances of injury of course, and keeps your muscles flexible and durable for other uses.

What to expect from a tricep workout

Working on your triceps is pretty simple work. Keeping your triceps strong through weight exercises helps to eliminate areas of weakness in your body, as the arm muscles work with your back and chest muscles. Most good ways to work out your triceps include a combination of stretching and using weights. You could work out your triceps by doing push-ups with your feet on the floor and your hands on an exercise ball. You could also work on kickbacks, where you hold a dumbbell and extend your arm backwards as your torso stays bent. The workouts for your triceps focus on keeping your arm straightened against resistance and extending your elbow through different movements.

How to prepare for a tricep workout

Before you begin, you should do cardio for about 5 mins to warm up your body. You can jump on the treadmill to get your blood pumping, or on a bike. You’ll need that momentum to carry you into your weight training and stretching. Your triceps also extend down to your elbow joint, so make sure that you do not have any inflammation that could be a problem - if you do, just consult with your doctor first to make sure that your exercises will not make the situation worse.

Muscles you'll engage during a tricep workout

Working on your triceps helps to develop your overall arm muscles and tone. Your arm muscles extend from your back to your shoulders and chest, and stretching them as a group will give you strength. When they are all regularly exercised, it helps with joint mobility, relieves stress, improves your posture and flexibility, and helps to prevent injuries from occurring on the torso. You can use dumbbells or an exercise ball to assist you, though there are plenty of moves like the one-arm press that can utilize your muscles without any equipment.

Tips for success with tricep workouts

While stretching is important and you may want to accelerate your improvement by holding onto your stretches longer, do not. Stretching longer does not necessarily mean stretching better. Alternate your arms for short stretches, and do not forget to breathe normally - you should not be holding your breath.

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