Torso Stretch & Twist

A torso stretch and twist is a great dynamic stretch that involves both the lower and upper back muscles and even stretches out your core. It is a great exercise to implement into your warm-up routine, as it loosens the body up and gets it ready for the motions to come. Most people forget that the area around their spine needs stretching too, for the same reaon as any other muscle group: to keep the muscles from getting stiff, increase the range of motion, and keep your body flexible and strong.

What to expect from the torso stretch & twist

This is a stretch that loosens you from your waist to lower back. You can choose whether to sit or stand, and the point of it is to promote endurance. It’s not an exercise that you use to define your back muscles, or strengthen your core specifically. Rather, it keeps your whole body running smoothly by keeping the torso ready to engage in a range of movements and motions. This kind of dynamic stretching can be severely underrated, probably because it is a gently practice that widens your range of motion. This is important to athletes who want to stay flexible and expand their reach, and regular workout participants who want to avoid injury by straining themselves.

How to prepare for the torso stretch & twist

First, you begin by standing tall with your legs shoulder-width apart. Keep your knees bent slightly. After raising your arms to shoulder height and bending your elbows, you will turn your torso from left to right. Don’t overdo it - this is a stretch, not a strain. Keep your arms at shoulder height, and keep your movements smooth, but slow. You can do the torso stretch & twist as a way to warm up for your exercise routine. 10 full rotations should warm up your back muscles and help to prevent them from being injured easily.

Muscles you'll work with the torso stretch & twist

The torso stretch and twist warms up your back muscles before you start really moving around in your exercise routine. Your warm-up is a great time to get settled mentally, and to loosen up your muscles, joints, and increase your flexibility and range of motions so you can move more efficiently. As you twist you are also stretching your core muscles and abs, which are then strengthened. These muscles will keep you fit and stable during the rest of your workout when your body faces other challenges. You can push yourself a bit further with each twist, just remember that overworked muscles can lose their progress so you don’t want to overdo it.

Tips for success with the torso stretch & twist

Make sure that when you twist your torso your legs remain stationary - they should stay facing forward, separate from your chest activity. It is important to stay comfortable - relax your shoulders to get rid of tension, keep your knees bent to stabilize your center of gravity. Remember that jerky movements lead to pulled muscles - you want your movements to stay slow and in your control.

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