Seat Straddle Lotus

There are many times in life when procuring an injury is out of our hands, but there is a great deal we can do to prevent from hurting ourselves in our athletic endeavors. The easiest way to do so is to stretch out our muscles, like with the seat straddle lotus exercise. The seat straddle lotus (also known as the "butterfly stretch")is an exercise that the doctors from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons cited as an important flexibility exercise for young athletes to practice as to avoid injury. It is relaxing, and helps both the trunk of your body and some of your legs muscles stretch out.

What to expect from seat straddle lotus exercise

The seat straddle locus is similar to the manner in which our teachers had us sit on the floor in elementary school: sit straight down on the floor, but instead of crossing your legs you meet your feet together at your center with the heels touching. Allow for gravity to keep your knees dropped close to the floor, as that will be where a lot of the stretching comes into place. You can then rest your arms on top of your knees, using them to push the knees closer to the floor. Then, lean forward from your hips and hold for five seconds. You should do this four to six times to make sure your muscles are learning from it.

How to prepare for the seat straddle lotus

The seat straddle lotus is a non-strenuous endeavor to take on, but make sure you do not have any particular pain in your hamstrings, lower back, etc. If you do, you can consult with your doctor beforehand. This stretch is perfect for adding into your day, because you can do it anywhere and anytime you will be sitting down, such as when you are watching TV.

Muscles stretch with the seat straddle lotus

The seat straddle lotus works on your inner thigh muscles in its basic version - specifically, the adductor muscles located there, and some muscles on the back of your thighs as well. This exercise can also benefit your hamstrings, as long as you keep your legs and your back tall. Be tweaking the exercise, you can work more on other areas you think need work. If you place your hands on the floor and walk forward with them, that will help stretch out your hamstrings. If you choose to reach your arm over your head as you stretch you can work out the side of your torso, the obliques and the quadratus lumbrum. The seat straddle lotus is great because most people forget that they should think of their torso every once in a while, but it can be injured like any other body part.

Tips for Success in seat straddle lotus

Remember, as you sit to keep your spine straight and sit up tall. Otherwise you are just reinforcing bad posture which will hurt your body. You want to have good, tall posture to keep all of your muscles from getting cramped, and to make sure you aren’t placing your weight anywhere it shouldn’t naturally be resting. This will also help your core, unlike rounded shoulders. This is not a strenuous exercise, so you should feel at ease during it and continue to breathe easily.

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