Muscle Express

Some people go into a workout knowing exactly what muscle groups they want to improve on and where they want to pack on the bulk. But if you want to work out your entire body and work on losing fat and toning your physique, do a full-body workout. The “express” angle refers to the quick pace at which you take the workout, because you exercise each area nonstop with a high rate of reps.

What to expect from the muscle express

An express workout will take up less of your time, but it is intense. You’ll have a rep range of 50 to 100, which means you will be burning extra fat and improving quickly. It also helps with hypertension and to lower your risk of heart disease. The full-body workout means you will be working on every major muscle group, promoting your overall health since they usually rely on each other to some extent.

How to prepare for the muscle express

Because of the high concentration of this workout, it is not recommended for anyone who is not already fairly in shape, and would not benefit someone of senior age. If you are overweight and attempt to jump into exercising with a full-body express workout, you will probably just strain your body so talk to a physician and see what routines they would recommend for you. A personal trainer can also help you tweak the number of sets and reps you should start out with – you don’t want to overdo it and pull a muscle before you have even started to see a difference in your physique!

Muscles you'll engage with the muscle express

The full-body workout reduces your exercises to three main ideas: push, pull, and squat. These are the three basic exercise foundations that will work out your entire body most efficiently. When you perform any squat you are working on your lower half: quads, glutes, and hamstrings. Exercises that require you to pull, such as chin-ups, train your back, forearms, biceps, and rear delts. Pushing or pressing movements work your chest, shoulders, and triceps. You core and calves get a work out as they work to stabilize each movement, so if you incorporate heavy weights into each of these three exercises you will only have to spend 45 minutes a day on your body.

Tips for success with the muscle express

It’s best to do five sets of each exercise (push, pull, and squat) but instead of doing five squat reps in a row and tiring yourself out, do one set of each and then begin again. This will push your muscles and give them time to rest before you start to strain them again, instead of tiring you out all at once. If you find yourself with more time to train than 45 minutes, you can adjust your workout to include more ab and calf work, or any other area you feel is lacking. It is important to switch off which exercises you do, so your muscles do not get used to the repetitive movements every week and stop improving.

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