Lower Back

It is important workout your lower back area, because every day you use your torso without realizing it as you twist, bend, flex, rotate, walk or jump. Your lower back is an area that is usually overlooked, although it is a vital component to your body’s overall functioning. By stretching out and building the strength of your lower back, you can ease pain there, prevent injury, and help train your body to move easily in ways it could not before.

What to expect from a lower back workout

Trainers and physical therapists urge their clients to work on their lower back, and it’s no wonder. Humans are imperfect bipedal creatures, which means that although we have evolved to walking on two feet our body is still imperfectly made for it. Thus, every human will experience back pain at some point in their life. The key is to work out your back and put off any pain for as long as possible. Your lower back is important because it will support your through the sitting and standing you need to get through your everyday life.

How to prepare for a lower back workout

To know whether you should be working on stretches or strength, or avoiding certain exercises all together, talk to your doctor, physical therapist, or chiropractor. They can identify any weak spots in your back and let you know what movements will antagonize them, or improve them.

Muscles you'll work when exercising your lower back

Your lower back helps make up your core, and includes stabilizers and spinal support muscles. Your core carries your body, and the rest of your muscle groups extend to pull strength from it for everyday tasks. The spine is part of your central nervous system, so you need to keep it well and active so your body can communicate with itself. There are different exercises you can partake in to work out these areas. Leg curls and back hyperextension in Pilates can get those hard to reach areas moving in your lower back as it strengthens your core. It’s important for the average person to work on their lower back, but even more vital for an athlete who may have to draw on the muscles there for kicking or lower body power. Your back won’t have the strength to back up those moves unless you work at it. Body builders will also find strong lower back muscles work as a good anchor for balance with their chest muscles.

Tips for working out your lower back

If you work on your chest muscles often, make sure you are giving attention to your lower back as well since it is needed to carry the extra weight from your torso muscles. The pressure can lead to injuries, even just when you are lifting because you will have a lack of support. Your lower back should not be on the bottom of your priority list, but rather an area of the body you work out on a regular basis. It is not only vital to everyday life, but can start a domino effect on your overall body response.

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