Dieting can be described as eating food or foods in a regulated fashion in order to gain, maintain or lose a healthy amount of weight. Usually, dieting is used in combination with exercise in order to get the best results. There are some that must follow a special diet due to food allergies, digestive problems and other issues that don't allow them to eat what they would like. Dieting is typically used by many to maintain a stable weight throughout their life. There are three different types of dieting, each with their own purpose and significance.

Low – Fat Dieting

Low – fat dieting means to reduce the percentage of fat from the diet. When calories are reduced, the amount of fat that is being consumed is much less. A lot of people that use low – fat dieting have been known to lose anywhere from 7-10 pounds each year, as long as they stick with the same dieting pattern.

Low – Carbohydrate Dieting

A low carbohydrate diet is usually very high in fats and proteins, to make up for the lost carbs. A popular diet that a lot of people may know about, and many people are using, is called the Atkin's diet. With this type of diet, the carbs consumed are restricted leading to something known as ketosis. This diet is very safe and highly effective when used with proper exercise.

Low – Calorie Dieting

A low – calorie diet means that the user is only consuming around 500 – 1,000 calories each day, which is about half of what they are recommended to consume. An example of a popular low – calorie diet is Weight Watchers. People lower their caloric intake by either eating less food throughout the day, or by eating foods that have very few calories. In a duration of 3 – 12 months, one can expect to lose nearly 8% of their body mass with low – calorie dieting.

Why Is Proper Nutrition Important When Dieting?

When used carefully and only for health benefits, dieting is relatively safe for anyone. However, it's very important that one is still receiving proper nutrition while they are on their chosen diet. Those that are lacking nutrition in their dieting plan are going to find their goals and performance to be less effective. There are some very simple things that can be done in order to boost the performance of dieting, while ensuring that one is still making healthy choices.

The first thing to do is drink plenty of water, which is at least 8 glasses every day. Drinking enough water will help to remove any fats and toxins in the body, while also cleansing the body. One needs to make sure that they are eating healthy when they are on a diet. Even if their diet consists of eating less, they need to make sure they fit in those important foods. Exercise is another important factor, as dieting is less effective when it's not present. While dieting, medications should be avoided to reduce the risk of complications due to lack of nutrients.

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