Dynamic Balance Step Knee-Up

If you’re a clumsy person whose lack of balance feels like a curse from the heavens, worry not. Balance isn’t necessarily a skill (or lack thereof) you’re stuck with; good balance comes with practice. The dynamic balance step knee-up can help – the “dynamic” part is your moving balance. High-knee exercises are a great way to warm up your muscles and get your blood pumping before your workout, and with practice they can ensure that you stay healthy and injured in your athletic endeavors.

What to expect from the dynamic balance step knee-up

The dynamic balance step knee-up helps by adding strength to your legs, which helps those muscles and also improves your balance. Adding strength to your legs helps you in simple everyday tasks. You won’t have to brace yourself or worry about falling as you reach forward, to the side, or rotate to face behind you. The actual knee-up is simple enough: you begin by standing with your legs shoulder-width apart. Stepping forward with one leg you grab the other and hold it against your chest, balancing in place by yourself if you can.

How to prepare for the dynamic balance step knee-up

It is a good idea to have a heavy chair or a wall on standby that you can grab onto if you should waver while on one leg. The exercise becomes harder the slower you go, so start at a pace that feels comfortable and then slow down from there when it feels comfortable. Two minutes of marching is a great workout, you do not have to stress yourself to do more than that. If you need more of a challenge as you go on, you can add an ankle weight to each ankle.

Areas improve with dynamic balance step knee-up

The dynamic balance step knee-up will improve your balance and help your posture, spinal stability, and help older adults prevent every day threats of trips and falls. People of every age should work on their balance, but it becomes even more critical as we grow older. Leg muscle weakness in seniors is a major factor that could prevent them from falling, which in turn could save them from a broken hip or arm. Knee-ups don’t just help your knees, but also your hips, quads, and ankles to improve in strength.

Tips for success with the dynamic balance step knee-up

Don’t close your eyes or hold your breath – it may feel like this will help you concentrate, but it just makes it more likely that you will fall or prohibit progress. If you are struggling with balance, you can hold onto a chair with one hand or hold your arms out at your sides to help center your body. It’s easiest to balance with good posture so keep your spine straight and look straight out in front of you. If you need to make this exercise more challenging, instead of stepping you can hop from your right leg to your left, and vice versa. But only attempt this hop-and-hold method if you are fairly confident in your equilibrium abilities.

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