Dynamic Balance Leg Swing

The “dynamic leg swing” may sound complicated, but it's really quite simple. Dynamic stretching is just meant to enhance your performance before your workout or sport. You don’t have to worry about holding these stretches, because it’s all about keeping your body moving to to warm it up and get your circulation going. The dynamic leg swing keeps you pliable from your legs to your hips, so whatever workout you engage in afterwards will benefit from your primed nervous system and reduced chance of injury.

What to expect when doing the dynamic leg swing

Begin in the ready position with your feet apart. Lift up your right leg, and leave the weight of your body balanced on your left. During a leg swing, the leg that is in motion is going to be moving back and forth like a pendulum. Start out swinging your right leg forward and backward, as much as feels comfortable.

How to prepare for the dynamic leg swing

Make sure you aren’t wearing any constrictive pants, as you’ll need to be loose and flexible for this one. As with any exercise, start out slowly and do not push yourself too hard too fast. It takes time to work up to improvement and give your body time to learn its new motions. If balance is one of your weaknesses, make sure you have something to grab onto before you begin, like a wall or a chair in case you cannot maintain your equilibrium. Then take a few turns with your left leg. In addition to swinging your leg backwards and forwards, you can also swing it from left to right, across the length of your body and the leg that is holding you steady. This will really work out your hips!

Muscles you'll work while doing the dynamic leg swing

Static stretches are used for cooling down and improving your flexibility, but dynamic stretches are a bit different. Rather, they take on movements that are going to prove useful in the activity you have planned. So, for sports such as martial arts, soccer, or gymnastics which all include legwork and/or kicking, dynamic leg swings are used to work the same muscles. Leg swings work out the inner and outer thigh muscles, calves, quads, hamstrings, and hips. Working on your leg swings on a regular basis will improve your range of motion for your athletic performance, and help you avoid injury that you might have sustained in an attempt to over-extend yourself. Runners especially should take advantage of this exercise as a warm-up, which helps out the hamstrings and hip flexors that they depend on for success.

Tips for success with the dynamic leg swing

The dynamic leg swing should feel comfortable. Your body should stay straight and steady. You want your leg swings to increase your range of motion, but you don’t want to be flailing around as you do so. Start out with twenty swings per leg, beginning lightly until you feel your body loosen up. You will be grateful for that looseness when you start exercising.

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