5 Easy Daily Ab Workouts

Ab workouts have a tendency to make a person look better and feel better than others that don't engage in ab workouts. It's common to be able to protect the body from injuries when one has strong abs. They also help to stabilize the back when the muscles are targeted through extensive workouts. There are many different ab workouts that one could try; however, here are five of the most effective and simple ab workouts that could make a world of difference to someone.


The roll up is one of the easiest and most effective ab workouts to do that won't take much time at all. The steps are very simple to follow and when done right, can increase the strength of ones abs. Find a soft floor area or use a mat and lay down flat on your back. The arms and legs need to be extended out as far as they can go. When you inhale a deep breath, bring the arms over the top of the head and curl the upper region of the body. Hold for 3-5 seconds then return to the starting position. It's recommended to do 12-15 reps of this exercise.

Leg Drop

This is another exercise that requires you to have a soft area or mat to lay down on your back on the floor. When in this position, it's important to make sure that you are comfortable so you can get the most effectiveness from the exercise. As you are laying on the floor, bring both legs up until your feet are facing the ceiling. From here, you inhale a deep breath while tightening your ab muscles and roll your hips off the floor in an upward position. As you exhale, bring your legs down slowly and return to the starting position.


With this ab workout, the position is a little different in the beginning; however, you still lay on your back but with your feet up to the ceiling. Keeping legs straight, lower one of them to the floor. Gently raise the head and the shoulders until you are in a curled position with your elbow touching the raised leg. Grab the back of the leg that is straight and gently pull. After doing this, return both legs to the up position and lower the next leg.

Hip Lift

This workout is very similar to the leg drop, although you are using more of your abs and less of your arms. When in the raised legs position, make sure that the arms are extended down to the side, rather than over the head. When you inhale, tighten the ab muscles; while exhaling, lift the hips. Slowly lower yourself down and repeat as suggested or per preference.

Torso Twist

Instead of laying down for this exercise, you will be sitting cross legged on the floor. While sitting, stretch the arms out in front of you and touch your fingers together. As you inhale, you will need to slowly rotate to one side then exhale and rotate the other way. It's simple and it's a great way to strengthen the core.

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