How Much Water Should You Drink A Day?

Water is one of those components that are very essential to the health of every single human being. However, the amount that they drink each day will vary between individuals. How much water should be drank every single day is a very simple question to ask; however, the answer is much harder since it will depend on many different factors. Knowing more about how fluids help the body and what factors will determine how much is very important.

The Benefits Of Drinking Water

Water makes up nearly 60% of the weight within a human body. Every system that functions in the body depends on water to make it work right. For example, water plays a very important role in flushing out all of the toxins in the body. If your body is lacking water, this could lead to dehydration which will make you tired and weak. It's very dangerous for the body and could lead to death if not taken care of properly.

How Much Water Does The Body Need?

Each day, the body loses water through various system functions and other matters that will be discussed later. When you lose this water, it's important that you are replenishing it by drinking water or beverages that contain a fair amount of water. For men, the recommended amount of water is 13 cups (about 3 liters), while women are recommended to drink about 9 cups of water (or 2.2 liters). Without providing your body the water that it needs, it could go into shock or worse.

Factors That Influence How Much Water To Drink

There are many factors that influence how much water that you should be drinking, and whether or not you will need to change your intake. Mainly, water consumption is based on how active you are, the temperature of your geographical location, your current status of health and whether or not you are breastfeeding or pregnant. Below are a detailed list of some factors that determine the amount of water you should be drinking:

Exercise – Commonly when you are exercising, you start to sweat. Due to this perspiration, you are losing water in your body. Therefore, you will need to drink water in order to replenish what has been lost. The more that you exercise, the more water you will need to drink. It's also important that you are continuing to drink water after you have completed your exercise.

Environment – The environment that you live in will also have an effect on how much water you should be drinking. If you live somewhere with very hot weather, it's more likely that you will need to drink more water to stay hydrated. However, if you live in high altitudes, this will cause more urination and rapid breathing which also requires you to drink more fluids.

Illness – Certain sicknesses cause you to lose more fluids than you have, therefore you need to replace the lost fluids to get better. Other illnesses might require that you cut down on the amount of water that you are drinking.

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