Is The Atkin's Diet Healthy?

The Atkin's diet is a specific diet that has promises of weight loss, suppressed appetites, better health and memory function. It claims to have many other great benefits; however, how can you be for sure whether this diet is healthy or not. The main idea of this diet is that overweight people consume too many carbs in one day. Since these carbs are burned first, the body doesn't have time to move on to burning fat, therefore the fat is stored and the weight is gained. If less carbs are consumed, the less carbs that need to be burned and the more fat that can.

How The Atkin's Diet Works

When you reduce the amount of carbs that are being consumed, this allows the body to burn more fat instead. This process goes by the name of Ketosis. During this process, one will not feel hungry and they will tend to eat a lot less. However, this process has been known to cause side effects in certain people and is not recommended for everyone. The body basically goes through a change from being a carb-burning machine to a fat-burning machine. This is the main reason why it's so effective for weight loss.

Is This Diet Healthy?

Many people have different opinions and theories about the Atkin's diet and whether or not it's a healthy method. Most experts state that the Atkin's diet is a very viable option; however, it requires more research before it can be known as “healthy”. Those that are looking for an answer to weight loss, improved triglycerides and HDL cholesterol will find that the Atkin's diet is right down their alley. There are also some experts that feel the Atkin's diet could be a cause of heart disease. However, this has not been proven so at this time it's just an opinion.

What To Consider About This Diet

It's important that you research about his diet before you plan on pursuing it. Although this diet has been improved and changed over many years, there are many people that have chose against using this diet and there are many that are starting to find comfort with this diet. It all depends on the person and their health status. If the person is unhealthy and doesn't receive all of the necessary nutrients they need, this diet is not recommended for them. However, if the person is as healthy as they can be and they would like to shed a few pounds, this diet will do no harm to them.

The key factor with this diet is to promote various types of healthy food that have all of the needed nutrients that the body needs to live. Without these, the body will not be able to function normally, organs could start shutting down and death could even occur. This is the reason why so many doctors, physicians, nutritionists and dieting experts recommend making healthy decisions. In the end, it will be up to you what you choose to do for your body.

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